Create Themes For Better Content Success (and Measurement)

Most email marketers don't track content type specifically, such as whether a clickable link in their email campaign goes to a certain "topic" or product category. Instead, they just track that a subscriber clicked a random link in the email. This is a missed critical opportunity to learn more about what someone is specifically interested in.

We're seeing brands use many different content types to create unique experiences with video, photos, apps and more to engage customers. This also applies to the messaging- the graph above shows the most popular content messaging for a local marketing association. For their audience, any messaging relating to networking and community events is always the most popular. Other clients who utilize video in email see that as their top-performing type of content, regardless of the message. People want to engage with video!

By tagging your content thematically, you're also able to get granular reporting over time on what your most popular type of content and messaging is, regardless of campaign. This is used to finely tune and re-target your audience with the content they want, delivered in the way they want it. Segmentation via engagement metrics...

Social media management is also made more robust with deployment tools and, most importantly, measurement. Seeing what works via social and what doesn't allows for optimization of your message in the format that works best (but we'd put our money on video). 

Aggregating social media, email and website analytics into a cohesive and measurable story is what holds back more investment in content marketing.

TailoredMail offers one place to both schedule, send, track and measure your content.

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