Mobile-Responsive Email Design
(We can even turn your email into a mobile-app!)

TailoredMail Mobile-Responsive Layouts With over 50% of today's emails being opened and viewed on mobile devices, it's critical to have your content automatically adapt and flourish in these environments. Doing so can increase click-through engagement by almost 40-50%. All of TailoredMail's templates and article-wizards are 'responsive', and adapt to the screen-size of the subscriber's device. TailoredMail will even convert your existing templates to a responsive design when you first sign up to use our service.

We also give you 100% HTML-to-HTML control over your templates and campaigns. Most email providers change or limit the HTML you can use. That's where TailoredMail shines - you can use our mobile-responsive template layouts, ask us to create or convert templates you already have, or enter your own HTML. 

Turn your newsletter into a mobile app

But, TailoredMail never passes up an opportunity to go even further to improve subscriber engagement. We have an industry-first/only offering where we can turn your email newsletters or campaigns into an instant mobile-app. It works on all smartphones, and requires NO app-store-downloads. This solution further increases your subscriber engagement rates by leveraging all the benefits of today's smartphone devices, and gives them ready-access .

Many email marketers are often unaware of how often their content is viewed on a mobile device or which specific devices are being used. However, TailoredMail comes with comprehensive mobile device reporting and tracking.

Below is an example of one of our clients landing-page 'apps':

Mobile App
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