The Marriage of Pinterest and Email Marketing


If you’re a business that conducts eCommerce, chances are the majority of your purchasers are female. Or, if you have a lot of image collateral, Pinterest is absolutely where your business needs to be. Why? Because Pinterest users are 80% female, and its growth surpassed Twitter six months ago. And it’s listed as one of the top three social networks - in terms of referrals - in Shareaholic’s Social Media Traffic Report.

So how can your email marketing efforts connect with Pinterest? A few ways… Download the 'Pin It' button, and use your email archive page on your site to pin articles. If you don’t have an archive page, you should— it easily lists your content, allowing your visitors to have access to it months and years after it’s created, keeping it live and out there. But even if you don’t have one, Pinterest can now serve that function. Adding old content to Pinterest keeps it all in one central place, not to mention it can breathe new life into old blog posts or articles. And your website traffic will see a boost, too. Pinterest is second only to Facebook in terms of referral traffic; more so than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit- combined.

Don’t overlook video collateral, here either. If you have it, make a video board and fill it up! If you have a YouTube channel, start pinning your videos from there as well. If you don’t have video collateral but want to make something quickly and easily, check out Videolicious- there’s even a free version.

Each pin, board and user has a description field. Think of it like a 300-character tweet - you can include hashtags, too. This lets users search for pins, boards and people that interest them. The better the description, the more likely to be clicked-through.

Three key takeaways here:

  1. Track down old blog posts and/or articles, and pin them
  2. Keep page links valid on your site since all pins are just linked images
  3. Utilize the description field of the pin to its fullest - people love it when the default description for a pin makes sense so they don’t have to change it- also utilize hashtags here for tracking

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