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Top 10 Pinterest Board Ideas for B2B Marketers

Pinterest isn’t only for cupcake decoration and interior design anymore.  Nowadays, people are starving for information that they can process quickly, easily and where possible, visually.  These people include your organization’s prospective influencers, decision makers, and champions. 

Here are ten ideas for boards that B2B Marketers can leverage to not only engage customers and prospects, but have a profoundly positive impact on search engine optimization as well. 

NOTE: These boards can and should have names that relate to your own brand, industry, offering, or services.   

  1. Infographics related to your industry, offering, target audience
  2. Diagrams – from all of the presentations your Marcom team creates
  3. Logos of your reseller, integration or other services partners
  4. Client logos
  5. Website images that are highly descriptive of the pages on which they are featured
  6. Boards that reflect the interests of your target audiences – without reference to your brand, using imagery from reference articles
  7. Thumbnails of your datasheets, white papers and other collateral
  8. From your blog – use images from your blog posts to increase traffic
  9. Demo and video content
  10. Tasteful humor/cartoons related to your industry, product, service, etc.

Finally, in addition to having your corporate board, encourage the folks in your marketing team, sales team and other departments to follow the corporate board and do plenty of re-pinning.

As with any marketing channel, the investment in Pinterest should be tracked and analyzed as critically as any other--not just in terms of followers and repins, but with respect to website analytics as well.  

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